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Two weeks notice is required for a cancellation, in which case your fee will be refunded in full. If less than two weeks notice is provided a 20% fee will be withheld.

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I swallowed rules and doctrines and fears and contradictions.  But all that swallowing left little room for listening. When you take the time to be still and listen, the first things you’ll hear are the things you swallowed into your belly. You’ll hear the things you’ve absorbed over a lifetime. You’ll hear the scratches of your mother’s fears and your father’s rage. You’ll hear a chorus of uninvited voices in an avalanche of should and shouldn’ts, dos and don’ts. Sit a while longer.  What sounds and voices are yours underneath that din? The clanking of other people’s agendas is enough to make many a writer get up and decide this gig isn’t for him. Stay. What’s under your mother’s sadness?  What’s under your grandmother’s alcoholism? What’s under the programming of never beginning a sentence with”and”?  The ideas you’ve swallowed built a wall.  Shake it down.  Move into your lungs and breathe; then break the sadness loose so it can float away.
 - from The Writing Warrior, by Laraine Herring

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"Beginning is difficult.  We are afraid of failing. We are afraid we will have nothing to say. We are afraid that what we will say will be banal or boring. We are afraid it may endanger us. We are afraid it may be a lie.  We are afraid that what we say may be the truth. We are afraid of succeeding.  We are afraid no one will notice. We are afraid someone will learn what we’ve said – and it may be ourselves. We are afraid there will be consequences. We are afraid we will pay attention. We are afraid we will have to change our lives. We are afraid we won’t be able to change. We are most afraid that we will. It is right that we are afraid.  If we are fortunate, we will say something, it will be the truth, it will be eloquent, it will have power to it, we will listen, and we will change our lives."  
 - from Writing for Your Life by Deena Metzger.

Payment in full is due upon course confirmation.  Payment can be made via e-transfer (using my email address), or by cheque. Payment plans are available upon request. Course confirmation will be sent out when the minimum registration of five people is reached.​

Regular rate for eight week course is $360.00
Seniors Rate for eight week course is $280.00